2015-Sep.  Issue 7
 New Products Released
  CMS – Lite  
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CMS-Lite, the 24CH free software, is exclusively designed for monitoring multiple spots remotely. Common applications are chain stores and branch offices.

  • Live Flexibility
  • Search & Playback
  • 16CH Recording at PC (VMS)

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AVH364 is specially designed for users looking for a solution carrying less than 64CH such as a residential building, office, and factory.

  • Up to 64CH TV wall setup
  • Recording resources allocable
  • Up to 16CH Push Video support



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HDM02 could be used to build a 64CH TV wall for users looking for a solution carrying less than 64CH. It is compatible with 1080i/60 devices and allows 64CH
real-time live display efficiently by hardware decoding on HDM02. Also, users are saved from complex installation. The above characteristics make HDM02 64CH
TV Wall a perfect program with high cost-performance ratio for consumers.


  IR Speed Dome  
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To meet the IR PTZ needs for different surveillance scale, AVTECH provides users two total solutions. For the small-scaled case such as outdoor parking lots, there is an USB joystick going with the free recording software, 24CH CMS Lite. As for the large-scaled case such as shopping malls, there is an USB joystick going with 96CH CMS Professional, NVR / TVI DVR, and serveral IP or TVI IR speed dome cameras.

  • Control by USB joystick
  • Tribrid video output
  • IR Turbo mode

  Push Video
IP Camera
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AVTECH Push Video IP camera series can be used to combine multiple sensors via its alarm I/O to build an alarm system.


  Eco-IP Series  
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The Eco-ip series is equipped with the DSP solution from prestigious providers in The States, providing the best image compression quality.

  • Best Video Compression Performance
  • Energy Saving
  • Solid Light - Day & Night Surveillance


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