2015-FEB.  Issue 4
 New Products Released
  HD CCTV Series
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CMS Standard
Central Management System
User Manual Data Sheet

"TRIDENT", AVTECH CMS Standard offers a friendly GUI for easy control and management of a 16CH ~ 64CH system.
A trial version could be downloaded from AVTECH official website. To get a full version, please check with your distributor.

 Marketing Releated - Success Story
  Harmony Hotel
  Harmony Hotel is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014
  More Details

Harmony Hotel is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and just built in 2014. They want surveillance system with high quality and easy installation. Owing to the limited budget, they need an economic surveillance solution to reach high performance security.

Parking Garage
Lithuanian Parking Garage in a Residential Building
More Details
This new community is consisted of two luxury buildings, which is located in golden mile and occupied by political and business elites. Each of them are separated into 12 floors and needed to be installed surveillance system for fighting crime and protecting residents, especially the gate and parking garage. There are only two guardrooms set at the main gate to and the entrance to the parking garage for controlling access in this community. The guardroom at the main gate is for coming or exiting people, another is for vehicles.

Installation Video
Vandal-proof IP IR Dome
AVM542F, Installation Video , More Details, Data Sheet
AVM532F, Installation Video , More Details, Data Sheet
 New Features / Useful Tools
EaZy Networking Portal
An alternative way to access EaZy Networking devices
What's EaZy Networking Setup Details
The EaZy Networking portal provides another way to get your NVR / DVR / IP camera online quickly other than from iOS / android devices. Now you can configure and access any NVR / DVR / IP camera which supports EaZy Networking via Internet Explorer on any laptop / PC.

  How to

Use Disk Tools
Configure time-lapse recording
Switch Guard mode by remote control (Coming soon)
Set RTSP connection for AVTECH NVR



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