2016-Jan. Issue 9
New Products / Solutions Released

  CMS Lite
  New Update, Smarter and Faster
  More Details

In this release, we've added a few new functions and made some improvements such as user-friendly layout, remote backup, PTZ control function, and supporting Push Viedo camera series, providing our users wonderful using experience.


Demo Board

  Pictures Poster1 Poster2

We've made four demo boards for our latest four solutions, Gate keeper, Shop Watcher, Full Redundancy and More Than 30-Days Recording, for our customers to experience the advances of these four solutions.

 Marketing Related

  Access Control
  AVX960SPK + CMS Standard / Professional
  YouTube Video

See how the system reacts for authorized access and unauthorized access.

  System Integration
  Alarm box + AVTECH AVX960SPK + EagleEyes
  YouTube Video
  • Arm / Disarm - (W / Permission Mechanism)
  • Alarm I/O Application - (Alarm Box / TVI Camera / TVI Camera with PIR built-in)
  • Actions Taken - (RSTN Emergency Callout / Push Video / Control by EagleEyes)

  Smart TVI
  Smartly Save Your Time, Carefully Control Your Budget
  More Details
  • Smart Installation - DCCs
  • Smart Compatibility - Tribrid Video Signals Support
  • Smart Setup - Multiple Video Output Support, Free P2P Cloud EaZy Networking
  • Smart Management - Push Video, CMS, IVS, Access Privilege, Auto backup
 New Features / Useful Tools
  How to

HDM02 advanced applications
What is "Guard Lock"? How to use it?
How to switch IP Camera's Day / Night mode?

Firmware Release Note


E-mail: marketing@avtech.com.tw