2016-Jan. Issue 10
New Products / Solutions Released


Shop Watcher

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  Get video notifcations within 5 seconds on your smart phone or CMS PC when any sensor triggers an alarm-in event of AVTECH IP camera or recorder. You can also
connect to different alarm sensors, such as a wireless PIR door sensor kit, flood sensor, temperature sensor and smoke sensor, to build another alarm system and receive
special alarm notifications.

  Video Storage
  Huge Storage Solution - 10-bay Disk Array
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This standalone storage solution is able to fulfill the demand of high storage capacity to preserve video footage more than 30 days. It could be an 10-bay NVR with RAID5, or an AVTECH recorder with an eSATA interface built-in to connect to a 10-bay disk array, AVX992 or AVX997 with RAID5.


Gate keeper

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  Get video notifcation within 5 seconds on your smart phone or CMS PC when anyone tries to access or enter your important gate or area, such as a warehouse, room for
safety deposit boxes and bank coffer.

  Full Redundancy
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  • Seamless Recording
  • Failover System
  • HDD Redundancy (RAID5)
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  IP Products
  Standalone IP Surveillance Total Solution
  Ver.1 2016-Q1
  • 1.3 / 2MP / 2MP D-WDR IP Camera, 4 ~ 16CH NVR (for Mars Solution)
  • 2MP WDR / 3MP IP Camera, 4 ~ 64CH NVR (for Apollo Solution)
  • Accessories, APP & PC Software
  • CMS Trident

  HD CCTV Product
  The product provides TVI HD video solution for video surveillance.
  Ver.1 2016-Q1
  • Premium DVR / Camera Series
  • Standard DVR / Camera Series
  • Special Features & Accessories


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