Oct 2016 /  Issue 12
  New Products / Solutions Released


Ezum™ Series

  Wall-mounted CCTV robot ! Crisis or turning point for CCTV installer and security guard?
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  • Competition between motorized VF camera & installer + VF camera
  • Advanced application of Ezum™ series
  • Related Products
  • Ezum™ demo site

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  • 1080P Video Recording
  • Easy Camera Adjustment
  • Easy Camera Setting via DVR Icons
  • 8CH Video Playback Simultaneously
  • Tribrid Video Input
  • Easy Remote Surveillance



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  • Easy Inventory Management
  • Ezum™ Installation
  • Image Quality
  • Heat Dissipation Design
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      Ezum™ Demo Site
      We have set up an Ezum™ demo site for all of you to promote this product series.
      Ezum™ Demo Site     Ezum™ Web Site
  • Demo site information
  • Installation steps
  • Features you can use

  •   Ezum™ Demo Video
      Ezum™ Mobile Control_Zoom / Pan
    Ezum™ Mobile Control_PTZ
    Ezum™ DGC1306 Motorized Zoom Performance (Indoor)
    Ezum™ DGC1306 Motorized Zoom Performance (Outdoor)
    Ezum™ DGC1306 Night Vision Performance
    Ezum™ DGC1306 Night Vision Optimized Control Via DVR remotely
    Ezum™ Super low lux
    Push Video with Motorized-pan Camera


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