Oct 2016 /  Issue 13
  New Products / Solutions Released


CMS Lite 3.0

  New version launched, smarter and faster
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  • More Viewable Channels
  • E-Map Viewer
  • Enhanced Searching Function
  • Remote Desktop
  • Other Improvements

      HD CCTV EZUMâ„¢ Series
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  • Easy installation
  • Convenient mobile surveillance and control
  • Smart event notifications
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      Customize Access Permission
      More Details
      In addition to the default four access permissions, you can also create and customize the access permission you want to manage each user. Here's the demonstration of how to do this.

      IP Solution
      Standalone IP surveillance total solution
      Ver.7 2016-Q3
  • 1.3MP / 2MP / 2MP DWDR IP camera, 4 ~ 16CH NVR (for Mars solution)
  • 2MP WDR / 3MP IP camera, 4 ~ 64CH NVR (for Apollo solution)
  • Accessories, APP & PC software
  • CMS Trident

  •   HD CCTV Solution
      TVI video total solution
      Ver.6 2016-Q3
  • Quadbrid / tribrid recorder series
  • Premium / standard TVI camera series
  • Special features & accessories


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