What is Push Video?

Why is Push Video superior than Email/ SMS notification?

Complete EagleEyes Support
  • Easy Setup
    Within a few clicks, EagleEyes will find the camera, finish IP configuration, forward ports, register a free AVTECH DDNS all automatically.
  • Configuration
    Once users want to change any configuration, they won't have to find a PC but to use smartphone to make it.
  • Push Video
    The camera instantly sends you a Push Notification which will playback a short recording of what it captured when detecting events.
  • Evidence Backup
    Each Push Video playback will be saved inside your smartphone as evidence. You can also store any clip you want for backup.

 Design Unique Solution for Your Customers
Combining external alarm devices with Push Video, you can offer many more unique solutions on your own.

Case 1: Entrance
Whether you are at home or not, you will know who rings the bell at door and decide if you’d like to talk to the visitors (through 2-way audio) or unlock the door by clicking alarm-output icon on EagleEyes.
Case 2: Manager Office
Managers who install Push Video IP cameras in their offices can get notifications every time someone enters. This can also be applied in places such as warehouse, which the person in charge needs to control the access.
Case 3: Fire Safety
When the smoke detector activates, you can have the siren go off to alert people to a fire. At the same time, the home owner will get the Push Video within 5 seconds and take immediate action.

Product Selection
Product Picture
Model Number AVN80X AVN812 AVN801 AVN805 AVN806 AVN807 AVN808
Max Resolution 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024
Viewing Angle 80.4° 62.7° 62.7° 80.4° 62.7° 80.4° 62.7°
MicroSD Slot
WiFi Capability
Night View White LED*1 White LED*1 IR LED*12 IR LED*12 IR LED*35 IR LED*12
Human Detection Sensor
Microphone Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Optional
Speaker Built-in Built-in Optional
External Alarm I/O
Power Source 5V/ 2A 5V/ 2A 5V/ 1A 12V/ 1A 5V/ 1A 12V/ 1A 5V/ 1A
Need Recording Solution?
AVH306~Easiest Network Video Recorder Ever!

- Plug & Record- No IP configuration necessary

- Local display via HDMI 1920x1080 for monitoring
- Remote access & playback via iOS & Android devices
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