CMS Lite
New Update, Smarter and Faster

What's new
In this release, we've added a few new functions and made some improvements for more user-friendly and intuitive operation, such as the support of Full HD recording and EaZy Networking devices, multi-channels video backup, and other system improvements to speed up the process.


Record Setting

Resolution of video recording could be set up to Full HD 1080P depending on the supported resolution the camera you connected, and dual stream recording is available now.

     Cloud Account Support
Users are allowed to log into their cloud accounts to list their EaZy Networking devices and access.
Last Operation Loading

When CMS Lite is rebooted, the system will load your last operation. For example, if it was recording before system reboot, recording will resume after system reboot.

Footage Backup

Footage backup for multiple channels is available. You don’t need to do backup one channel by one channel.

Record Scheduling & Event Recording
You can set a schedule to record and also enable event recording on CMS Lite, just like what you do on NVR and DVR.
Easy IP Address and Port Setting
The location of IP address and port setting window is changed for users to access quickly.

Improved Process to Add Device

It's available to add multiple devices at once after device scan. You don't need to add devices one by one anymore.