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Remote Surveillance :
The EagleEyes software will fulfill all your remote surveillance desire through simple touch control on the phone screen. No matter where you are and what time it is, as long as your iPhone/ iPad/ Android phone is able to be connected to the internet, you are able to directly access AVTECH’s products.
Smart Event Recording
Working with ETS IP cameras, AVTECH NVR can be switched to high resolution recording in a second after alarm triggered, which is a more accurate way to identify events. Smart event recording helps minimize the file size effectively on the NVR site while keeping high quality evidence as well.
Bandwidth Saving
AVTECH employs ROI technology to record your assigned areas such as entrance and cashier area. Through this function, you can specifictally put emphasis on certain range and decrease the recording quality of other areas, saving around 30% of storage capacity in general environment and around 60% in places like apparatus.
*The amount of capacity saved might differ according to the bitrates parameter you set.
Backlit Situation (DWDR)
In the entrance, the contrast between light and shade is obvious, resulting low facial recognition efficiency. With DWDR function, this camera series is suitable for overexposure and dark areas, increasing face recognize and decreasing overexposure. With DWDR features, you will never obtain dark and blurred images.
Brightness Enhancement at Night
AVTECH improved the old types of camera, modifying the software and hardware structure and enhancing the brightness at night successfully.
More Resolution, More Clearness
AVTECH 3MP IP camera series presents you with more detailed and sharp images. Users can now view the video even more clearly, especially when the surveillance area is more than 15 meters.
DWDR 2MP Series
AVM2421 AVM2432T AVM2451T AVM2452T
2MP IR Dome IP Camera 2MP Vari-focal IR Dome
IP Camera
2MP IR Bullet IP Camera 2MP Vari-focal IR Bullet
IP Camera
DWDR 2MP Series
DWDR 3MP Series
AVM2453 AVM2443 AVM3432T AVM3452T
2MP Vari-focal IR Bullet
IP Camera
2MP IR Dome IP Camera 3MP Vari-focal IR Dome
IP Camera
3MP Vari-focal IR Bullet
IP Camera
In-Ceiling Mount Cable Management Bracket Cable Management Bracket In-Ceiling Mount
Disk Array
AVM542-BKT(A) AVM542-BKT(B) AVX992 AVX997
Wall-mount bracket Wall-mount bracket 10-bay Disk Array 10-bay Disk Array with Raid 5
AVH364 AVH408P AVH516A AVH564
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