16CH HD Recorder  
    16CH HD Recording
    Smart Recording
    Local HDMI + VGA Dual Display
    Quick Playback
    Support for External eSATA
    Support for AVTECH-CMS
    Support for iOS and Android
    Push Status


For building the HD surveillance system fast
With AVTECH peripheries, you can build HD NVR system with existed coaxial cables and quick-fix system by replacement.


• Plug and Play
• Support for AVTECH PoC solution
Standalone design - Stable and dedicated

• Quick backup and restore configuration
More Secure: Less vulnerable to viruses

Better Image quality than 960H CCTV


Make the management and control easier
AVTECH-CMS: 288CH Live view monitor, e-Map, Event playback、Notifications、System status alarm、IVS、POS..etc..


• Extension of your Surveillance
• Intuitive Camera Management
• Emergency Notifications
• Instant Inspection & evidence Collection

• Watch AVTECH-CMS Video


The hybrid with AVTECH
Our products are allowed to combine various structures and project application, and to control 64CH standalone display and AVTECH CMS with AVTECH DVR/NVR products.


AVTECH peripheries for solution

AVX912R6 PoC
AVX913R6 PoN
HDMI 4 in 1 out Display & Control device


Success Stories
AVTECH beat other competition with high cost-performance ratio.


The case is about PoC solution with more than 1000CH camera needed to be updated. AVTECH finished installation within 6 month….(read more)

Luxury buildings
The case is about PoC solution with 144 IP cameras. Those powerful and wealthy residents trust in AVTECH because…(read more)

Property Development Company
The case is about PoN solution with 56 IP cameras. The contractor needed simple but stable system with easy maintain. They found AVTECH is the best partner because….(read more)


For Integration
Design for rackmount, integrate other equipments with IO device and support other OnVIF cameras.


• Rock mount design
• Support for IO device* (with AVX951)
• Support for OnVIF protocol


IP Camera Recommended List

AVM328D AVM311 AVM357A AVM352C AVM317B AVM359A