Outdoor Vandal Vari-focal IR Dome IP Camera

>> Must-Buy Reasons <<
This vandal-proof camera can resist violent attacks, making it suitable for high-risk surveillance environments.

Focus Assist
Focus Assist, which developed in-house from AVTECH, helps users to adjust camera focus without confirmation of eyes. The sharpness of the video will be translated into a value of a bar. The higher the value, the better the focus.

With a varifocal lens, you can adjust the focal length for different surveillance needs.

Viewing Angle:
Wide: 91° (Horizontal) / 72° (Vertical) / 112° (Diagonal)
Tele: 27° (Horizontal) / 16° (Vertical) / 29° (Diagonal)
The features can resist heavily rain and wind. Installing in a bad weather condition outside is not a problem.
>> Solid Light <<
Longer IR Effective Distance
Solid Light is able to produce stronger lighting under IR Enhance mode than traditional IR LEDs. It enhances the overall picture brightness and reaches longer distance in a dark environment.
Longer LED Lifetime
Solid Light applies special circuit design to avoid overheat and uses a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED more quickly. LED lifetime can last for 3 years with Solid Light design.
Advanced Smart Light Control
When an object is close to the camera during night time, Solid Light will sense it and automatically control the amount of light to avoid over-exposure.
Watch demo video clip on Youtube
>> Accessories<<

This bracket is optional, and could be used when there's a need to mount the dome camera to a wall or arrange camera cables.
More detail with bracket
AVM332 installation guide

This bracket is suitable for the following models:
AVM542B AVP542A AVP542B AVM332 AVM503 AVM521A AVM428D AVM402 AVM328D AVP521A