AVTECH with Angelcam provides easy and secure connection of security cameras to the cloud
AVTECH AVM5XX IP camera series allow for connection to Angelcam services
without the need of port-forwarding, public and static IP address, or DNS service
AVTECH AVM5XX IP camera series is now compatible with the Angelcam cloud service.
Owners of AVTECH cameras gain an alternative to EaZy Networking, AVTECH's cloud service,
for connecting their cameras to the cloud. The inclusion of Angelcam, a cloud-based app store
and integration platform for security cameras, will simplify the process of connecting cameras to
the cloud and offer an assortment of features.
Benefits of Angelcam cloud service

Ease of use

  • No router configuration needed (just buy and connect it to Angelcam.com)
  • Connect to the cloud with VPN-like technology, which encrypts and secures your video stream and credentials
  • With no port forwarding or insertion of public or static IP addresses, the camera port isn't exposed to the public internet
  • Encrypted live video and audio streaming
Applications for every camera
  • Cloud recording and downloadable video clips
  • Broadasting (public or private)
  • Mobile app with remote view of one or more cameras on various devices
About Angelcam
With users in more than 170 countries, Angelcam is a cloud-based, app-store and integration platform for security cameras. Angelcam provides the easiest way for security camera owners to connect their cameras to the cloud and use one of the many different applications including Cloud Recording, Broadcasting, and Video Verification.
About AVTECH AVM5XX IP Camera Series
AVTECH AVM5XX IP camera series is the high-end 2MP IP camera series to offer advanced features such as Push Video, EaZy Networking, WDR and motorized zoom lens. Please download and upgrade to the latest firmware version from AVTECH official website to get the Angelcam support.

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