CMS-Embedded Recorder
New UI brings more convenience

IOT Scenario
Customize a Series of Actions
“Scenario” is a new feature allowing you to customize a series of actions which will be run automatically after the specified event occurs. There are several scenario templates for you to choose when and what to do after a specific event occurs.

8-bay Storage
with Eco Power Saving Mechanism
To solve the large storage requirement of 4K2K recording, this NVR supports up to 8 hard disks to keep high quality H.265 video data without overwriting data so quickly. Hot-swapping design makes hard disk replacing or adding easy without shutting down the system. A power-saving mechanism is also adopted to reduce power consumption.

Event Pop-up
& Video Preview w/ Pre-alarm Images

All events are listed on the right panel with corresponding event icons for you to quickly recognize the event type. The most current one will flash to catch your attention. Click one event and you’re able to preview the footage with pre-alarm images.

This UI design is similar to CMS for users to get better event management.


New UX Design
Same User Experience on Local & Remote Sites
The UI designs on the local and remote sites (via web browsers) are the same to bring users the same user experience. Users do not need to learn another using logic when they’re trying to access the device, whether locally or remotely.

Spot Monitor
Simply See What You Want

In addition to the main display via the main HDMI output, you can also assign a secondary display via HDMI-2 to show live view, call monitor or event monitor via the VGA or composite output.

This design is similar to CMS to have different displays for users to get better event management.

Push Video
Real-time Event Notifications
When an alarm event is detected, the recorder will immediately send an event notification to your mobile device within five seconds, and meanwhile, EagleEyes, the mobile surveillance app will be activated automatically for remote video playback.

Push Status
Device Health Check
"Push Status" Save your time, save your man power, save your money!
Users could immediately get notified of all abnormal system events for their surveillance systems (such as video loss, system being unlocked, no hard disk, etc.) from their smart phones by the function of Push Status.

Recommended 5MP Camera
AVM5547 AVM5447 DGM5606 DGM5406
5MP H.265 IR Bullet IP Camera 5MP H.265 IR Dome IP Camera 5MP H.265 IR Bullet IP Camera 5MP H.265 IR Dome IP Camera
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