Multiple Display

Flexibly arrange various tasks to different monitors, such as Configuration / E-map / Live View / Playback / Event /




l   CMS Trident Standard supports up to 6 monitors.

l   CMS Trident Professional supports up to 8 monitors.
  Extension of your Surveillance
Live View & Control

extend your monitor areas with 64 channels of live view and more viewing options. You can easily manage all of your views, using USB mouse for local configurations.


l   CMS Standard supports 64 channels of live view.

l   CMS Professional supports 96 channels.

l   View in sequence with up to 16 channels in a group.

l   Dwell time is adjustable.

l   Manipulate digital pan, tilt, zoom, focus, etc.

l   Support USB Joystick for PTZ control

  Intuitive Camera Management

is an iconic and more intuitive tool to manage your IP cameras. You can even define areas and groups by yourself for more personalized management.


l   Upload Multi-layers of floor plans to define groups and areas.

l  Area live for a specific area monitoring which supports     up to 16 cameras.

l   Click on defined group or area for live footage.

l   Click on camera icon for individual viewing.

l  Highlighted location on E-map for any events.

l   Event Pop-up on Configuration Page.


  Emergency Notifications
Event Management & Health check

make your monitoring easier than ever. Your detection will activate itself at the right time you want, and inform you with audio alert and pre-alarm playback videos. With health check, you will never miss a thing related to your system.


l   Pop-up triggered camera's live video immediately and click to playback.

l   Event trigger action made a PTZ camera go to      preset.

l   Schedule your event detection time for more accurate detection.

l   Keep Top 20 Event List for overview.


l  Instantly check IP camera and NVR status and examine system event log on Health check.

l   Combine Easy Maintain to recovery with limited downtime.


  Instant Inspection & Evidence Collection
Playback and Backup

provide you with clear and evidential videos replay. You can always DPTZ for more details and snapshot anytime during playback. Easy search and compatible AVI format make backup fast and efficient.


l   View the video in high resolution.

l   Digital PTZ to examine details.

l   Smooth 32X forward playback.
l   Snapshot anytime during playback.


l   Search by date and time or by event.

l   Motion search for CMS Professional user.

l   Smart Search for CMS Professional.


l   Export audio and video evidence in AVI format.

l   Compatible with common video playing soft wares.