CMS Family
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  CMS Lite CMS Plus CMS Pro
Live channels 32 64 96
Multiple monitors 1 4 8
Smart search No Yes Yes
Recording channels 16 16 24
Event pop-up No Yes Yes
Playback 1 device 1 device 9 channels
3rd-party integration No No Optional
Channel Management (NVR / DVR / IP camera) 1,000 1,000 Unlimited

Access Control System
When worked with the Soyal card reader, the AVTECH CMS can be used for access control. The CMS will show the location of unauthorized access and send Push Video to EagleEyes, allowing you to see who tried to access immediately.

Auto Tracking Solution
Choose the object you want to track first. When the object leaves the field of view of one camera, the calculates its trajectory and determines the camera in front of which the object will appear next. The “potential destination” camera is highlighted in the current layout.

Third-party System Integration

PM2.5, CO2&CO, temperature and humidity status display


IVS system events pop up on AVTECH event monitor

Human Machine Interfaces Intelligence Video Surveillance System Integration BA System integration South African customer Alarm system integration (Brand: Listener, WatchManage)

CMS Recorder
  • Support GPU/CPU Decoding
  • 4-monitor display
    (VGA, DVI-D and HDMI outputs)
  • Support for 3rd-party IP devices
  • Support up to 64-channel video recording
  • All-in-one solution
    (Live view, playback, recording, backup, CMS)
  • Video analysis (AVM5xx series support)
  • Automatic connection to AVTECH devices
  • H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG / MPEG4
  • On-screen LED panel for camera status
  • Eagleeyes APP access
  • Multiple (6~8) languages

Failover function
Select a server to act as a hot standby in case of failure of a main server to perform all the functions previously handled by the hardware that is temporarily off-line or malfunctioning.

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