EEagleEyes for iPad
This software can't be redistributed in any form without the written agreement of AVTECH Corporation.

AVTECH is the leading company in the CCTV industry, and we make every effort on the innovation of technology, product and implementation.

ELGPL License

EagleEyes bundles FFmpeg, licensed under the GNU LGPLv3.





Event Search & Playback

Flow Counting

APP Setting

Info about EagleEyes  

Push Video Switch  

Tap  to add a new device.

Then, tap “EaZy” if the device comes with EaZy Networking.
Otherwise, tap “Manual.”


EaZy Networking is not a free service to connect your camera to Internet automatically. In the beginning, users have 500MB data allowance (approx. 260 minutes) for free. When 500MB is up, the network connection is down. To restore the service, users need to subscribe a data plan on Eagleeyes, or configure the network settings by themselves.


In the top column, key in the IP address, port number, user name, and password. Next, tap “Get Type” to verify the info just typed.


Turn on Push Message and you will receive a push notification when an event is triggered. (shown for Push Video devices)


Turn on Audio and you can hear sounds at the local site, if the device comes equipped with a microphone. You can adjust the image quality from “BASIC” to “BEST.”


Tap “Local Network Search” to search devices in the same local network, and add the device you want to the address book.


Tap “Save” in the top left corner when the device is found.


The saved device will appear on the screen.



To remove one item from the address book, tap , tap , and tap “Delete.”



To edit or check the information about an added device, tap   , and tap the device. 





To disconnect a device, tap , and select the device you want to quit from the address book or simply tap the channel you want to quit.

EFlow Counting

Note: This function is available only for devices which have IVS features. For details, please check the user manual of your device.

Tap  and choose the device you want to view its flow counting statistics by month. After that, choose either Inflow or Outflow, and tap “OK.”



Select a specific channel which includes flow counting statistics you want

Select inflow / outflow  

Display in bar graph  


The default data is of the current month. The numbers in sequence on the left are the dates in a month; those on the right, the flow counts.

To choose the other month, tap the icon on the top left corner back to the year view, and choose the month you want.

To see details of the date you choose, tap the date to go to the hour view.


<Switch to Hour View>



Tap , and the flow count will be shown in bar graph.

EEvent List

Note: This function is available for only devices that support recording.

EEvent Search & Playback


Tap and choose the device you want for recorded data.

To search recorded data by ER (event recording) / MR (manual recording) / MT (motion triger), tap . To search data by setting date & time, tap .

Note: The recorded data types available depend on the device you connected.

To search recorded data by dragging the timeline directly, tab .

Note: is available only for EagleEyesHD(plus).


Event Record

Manual Record

Motion Trigger




If your device is equipped with EaZy Networking, you can log in by tapping Login.
Tap "Buy" to make a purchase. Tap "Buddy" to share your device. Tap "Detail" to show all the details about your account.

Remote Control
Auto Login

Turn on Auto Login, and you will be automatically logged in to the device you last used every time you open EagleEyes.

Gesture Command
Turn on Gesture Command to interact with EagleEyes using your fingers on the touchscreen.

PTZ Turbo
PTZ Turbo commands the movement speed of cameras. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 is slowest and 5 is fastest.

Cache determines the buffering time of playbacks.

Push Notification

Alert Sound
Turn on Alert Sound, and iPad will sound an alert for push video messages received.


DWELL determines the time gap of each channel switching.


Playback Time
Set the playback time from 1 ~ 600 seconds.

Prefered Download Resolution
Select the video resolution you want for video download.


Image Title
When Image Title is on, you'll see the name of the device you connected on the channel.

Advanced Setting Icon
When "Advanced Setting Icon" is on, you'll see the advanced setting icon on the connected device channel. This function is available only for NVRs and IP cameras.

Image Position
Select "Fit" to scale the image in the current display frame, or "Stretch" to enlarge the image to fill the current display frame.


Screen Lock
When Screen Lock is on, the device locks after a period of time if no operation is on.