The Easiest & Most Cost-Effective Hybrid System
for 16 to 64 Channels Case

HDM02 is a small-sized CMS consisted of hardware framework without high-cost equipment, complicated installation and configuration.
For the people seeking powerful functionality with limited budget, HDM02 is the best choice.
Multifunctional & Hardware-based CMS
■ No need any PC ■ Control all devices with only one mouse

Easily Install, Intuitively Operate

HDM02, which is different from the PC-based CMS, is a small-sized CMS with hardware framework. You just need to plug all the devices and you're ready to operate without any configuration.


Real-Time Display

The reason why HDM02 is capable of achieving excellent real-time display is that the HDMI signals transmit directly from the HDM02, not from the internet, making the video image more fluent.


Multi-Site Control

Besides the HDMI video output to build the main control center, HDM02 also has a SDI output to build a secondary control center with AVTECH HDMI extender, AVX916R. The distance between HDM02 and AVX916R could be up to 70 meters.


Sequence Display

HDM02 is designed to have different ways of display. For
example, click to enlarge the single channel, do sequence and
set the duration.


Hybrid System with AVTECH NVR and DVR

HDM02 can connect to AVTECH NVR (Apollo Pro, Apollo and Mars series) or AVTECH DVR simultaneously to form a full surveillance system. If you don't want to upgrade the whole system from analog to IP-based system because of budget limit, you can combine both of them for being a cost-effective surveillance environment.
HDM02 and KVM Switch Comparison

Cost Reduction
HDM02 - build up a surveillance system with only one monitor to display all channels
KVM Switch - need more monitors to display all channels

Sequence and Control for Surveillance
HDM02 - automatically switch channels one by one to monitor and control
KVM Switch - manually switch the channels to monitor and control

FREE Secondary Control
HDM02 - display the image of main control site without any further equipment
KVM Switch - need another KVM switch to build a new constrol site


Innovative CMS Structure
PC-Based CMS Standalone CMS

Low Building Budget
Use the hardware-based CMS without software license fee or internet equipment

Plug & Play
No need to configure a computer or router

Easy Maintenance
No need to reset the complicated CMS software when the error occurs