Marketing Promotion Newsletter - 2014/08/12

AVM583 Cruise Video Demo
Cruise Track Recording within 200 seconds & repeat action.

iPhone EagleEyes Help e-News
  1. EaZy Networking configuration page added for DVRs which support EaZy Networking;
  2. Push Video on/off logs(Push Log) and time record of notification added;
  3. Stream Source(Live/Sub/Record) supported to change live view resolution for selected NVR;
  4. "Auto Move" added to quicken the movement of speed dome IP camera by slicing and holding to the direction you need;
  5. Video backup to a cloud service(such as Dropbox) added;
  6. "Information", "Settings" and "Push Log" grouped to the function bar on the left;
  7. Playback, IVS and Event log are moved into every single address account;
  8. Support to export/import the configuration file to another mobile device.

  Product Selection Guide
  V.1 2014-Q3
  • 1.3 / 2MP IP Camera (for Mars Solution)
  • 2MP WDR IP Camera (for Apollo Solution)
  • 1.3MP IP Camera (for Push Video)
  • 4 ~ 16CH NVR (for Mars Solution)
  • 16 ~ 64CH NVR (for Apollo / Apollo pro Solution)
  • Accessories, APP & PC Software
  • CMS Trident

Product Catalogue
Complete product range to line up versatile system integration solution
V.3 2014-Q3
  • Mars Series - Economic Series
  • Apollo - Professional Series
  • Apollo Pro - Project-oriented Series
  • Peripherals
  • Push Video IP Camera Series
  • Proposal of Product Solution

Bracket Converter
Datasheet(Dimensions / Description)
  • 320BKT
  • 571CON1
  • BulletCon1
  • PP-AVC787-00K