Firmware Fix Issued for Malware Targets

AVTECH is aware of the recent cyber attack news that hackers have been doing with several of our main competitors. To bring up the security level for AVTECH customers and to prevent exposing to any potential risk, AVTECH strongly recommends customers to change the default passwords before having their devices to be set online. It's highly recommended to use a password with upper- and lowercase alphanumeric characters to enhance password strength.

At the same time, AVTECH has issued new firmware updates for our recorders (DVRs & NVRs) and IP cameras to prevent possibility for the hackers to make attempts to your devices.

The firmware fix is now available on AVTECH official website,, for the following models which are determined as the affected ones:

  • NVR
4CH ~ 6CH 8CH 16CH 36CH ~ 64CH
AVH0401 AVH308EA AVH315 AVH336
AVH304A / 304EA AVH408P AVH316 AVH364
AVH504P   AVH317  
AVH800EA6   AVH516A / 516B  
4CH 8CH 16CH
AVZ203 AVZ207 / 207A AVZ215 / 215A
AVZ205 AVZ209 AVZ217
AVZ404 AVZ308 AVZ316
AVT204 / 204B AVZ408 AVT216 / 216SE
DG1004 / 1004B AVT208 / 208SE DG1015 / 1015A
DG1005 DG1006 / 1006A DG1016 / 1016A
DGD2404 DG1007 DG1316
DGD1304 DG1008 DGD1316
  • 960H DVR
4CH 8CH 16CH
AVC704H / 704HEZ AVC706H / 706HEZ AVC708H / 708HEZ
AVC792D / 792DEZ AVC796HA / 796HAEZ AVC798HA / 798HAEZ
AVC792HA KPD677D / 677DEZ KPD679HA / 679HAEZ
KPD675D / 675DEZ KPD677HA / 677HAEZ  
KPD675HA / 675HAEZ    
  • IP Camera – 3MP
AVM3432T AVM3443
AVM3452T AVM3445
AVM3453 AVM3455
  • IP Camera – 2MP
AVZ592 AVM500 / 500A AVP511
AVM2421 AVM503 AVP521A
AVM2432T / 2432 AVM511 AVP542B
AVM2451A / 2451T AVM521 AVP552B
AVM2451SE AVM521B / 521C AVP571
AVM2452T / 2452 AVM532F  
AVM2453 AVM542A / 542B / 542F / 542J  
AVM2592L AVM543  
  AVM552B / 552C / 552F / 552J  
  AVM561 / 561E / 561J  
  AVM571 / 571J  
  AVM583 / 583G  

We appreciated your constantly support and we trust this can help prevent your devices to be at risk by upgrading the firmware and changing the default password.

AVTECH Corporation

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