Impressive Features

What is Push Video?

Why is Push Video superior than Email/ SMS notification?

Push Video within 5 seconds
When an event occurs, AVH312PV sends Push Video to your iOS/ Android mobile devices within 5 seconds. As you slide to unlock the phone, it will playback the event video including pre-alarm for you to see who exactly triggered the alarm. You can further backup the video as evidence, or playback recorded files any time through your phone.

Push Message to Update System Info
Besides Push Video, AVH312PV also sends you system notification via Push Message. For example, if someone destroys your camera or hacks your system via Internet, you can get alerted to those actions and make sure the system works seamlessly.

Smart Event Recording
Pairing with ETS IP cameras, AVH312PV can switch to high-res recording in a second after alarm triggers, which is a more accurate way to identify events. Smart event recoding helps minimize file size effectively on the NVR site while keeping high quality evidence as well.

3 min. Auto Setup
No more worries about complicated IP configurations now. Simply connect IP cameras to AVH312PV, it will automatically finish setup, display the video and start recording. The setup is just as easy as DVR.

Storage Capacity Extendable
You can place two SATA disk drives inside AVH312PV for simple home/ shop surveillance. You can also connect external disk array via eSATA interface to extend capacity or realize RAID management for large project use.

Continuous Recording Performance

Note1: Recording throughput: 32Mbps
Note2: Smart recording is recommended to optimize file size. Resolution, frame rate and image quality are adjustable to meet different needs.

2 Megapixel IP Camera Selection
Product Picture
Model Number AVM417A AVM428A AVM457A AVM400
Max Resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080
Viewing Angle 85.4X 85.4X 85.4X -
IR Shifter Yes Yes Yes Yes
IR LED 12 units 12 units 35 units -
Max Effective Range 10m 10m 20m -
Microphone Built-in External Input No Built-in/ External Input
Speaker Built-in External Output No External Output
Built-in Human Detection Sensor No Yes No No
External Alarm I/O 1 input; 1output 1 input; 1output 1 input; 1output 1 input; 1output
ONVIF Yes Yes Yes Yes
PoE (IEEE 802.3af) Yes Yes Yes No
Operating Temperature 0XC ~40XC 0XC ~40XC -20XC ~40XC 0XC ~40XC
Waterproof - - IP67 -
Power Source (DC) 12V/1A 12V/1A 12V/1A 12V/1A

Connection Accessories
EOC (Ethernet over Coaxial)

AVX912T / R is an EOC converter capable of signal conversion from analog to digital (IP), up to 22Mbps@400m (5C2V), so that users can get network system functionality over existing coaxial cabling.
HOC (HD display over Coaxial)

This converter is used to extend the HD display transmission distance up to 100 meters with a RG-6 coaxial cable.
Besides, control signals from the USB mouse / keyboard, and IR remote control can be transferred. Users may install the NVR in the machine room and set the monitor in the security center locally. They do not need to have another computer in the security center for remote NVR access.
1CH Video Server
AVX931A helps convert analog video to IP in a hybrid system. Now you can keep your pricey PTZ analog camera, connect with microphone, speaker, alarm input or output, and turn it into an AVTECH IP camera to enjoy all the powerful mobile features.
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