CMS Plus
 Advanced for Better
CMS Plus is designed for middle-scaled projects which require up to 64 channels control and more advanced channel management applications.
  Model CMS Plus CMS Lite
  Channels Supported 64 32
  Display Layout Customized Yes (up to 64CH) No
  Event Monitor Setup Yes No
  Health Check Yes No
  Trigger Rule Setup Yes No
Display Layout Customization
(Up to 64 Channels)
In additional to the preset 12 display layouts, you can also customize one based on your need and assign this layout to replace the current one or display in a new window. This is useful when you have more than two monitors and want to assign each monitor’s display by different purposes.
Easy Event Checking
In CMS Plus, you have three ways to check your events quickly by:
Event List, Event Monitor and Health Check.
Event List
To search for events, you can go to the event list and play the one you need immediately by simple double-click.
Event Monitor
To immediately know an event is happening, you can configure an event monitor, allowing the channel which has an alarm triggered to be popped up individually. The event monitor can be configured to be shown in the current display layout or displayed independently.
Health Check
To know more details about the status of each connected device, you can go to Health Check to see logs of events and video loss, and the status of fans and hard disks.
Action Configurable when Event Triggered
You can assign a specific channel of Device B (Target Device) to take actions (Go to a predefined preset point / Send Push Video / Send alarm-out signal) when a specific channel of Device A (Source Device) has an event occurrence. For example, when the CH1 of Device A has an PIR event, the CH9 of Device B will move to the pre-defined preset point.
Go to a predefined preset point

Send Push Video
Send alarm-out signal

Easy Upgrade from CMS Lite to CMS Plus
You can upgrade your current CMS Lite to CMS Plus without reinstallation. For details about how to do and related fees, please check with your distributors or write to
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