PUSH STATUS  - EaZy Maintenance!
Save your time, Save your man power, Save your money!!
Besides Push Video, which catches intruder footage under a working surveillance system, you will also need Push Status to alert you if someone tries to hack your system.


Push Status - Video Loss

  • Are you worried if your surveillance camera is broken by an intruder or malfunctions due to connection problems? Push Status gives you instant notification to get you aware of system vulnerability.

Push Status - Net Login

  • Make sure each login to your system is authorized by you, the administrator. Get Push Status every time someone logs into your recorder and ensure your privacy is secured.

Push Status - No HDD

  • Are you concerned that no one would find out HDD failure? Recordings are the most vital part of the surveillance system and Push Status will tell you once the HDD stops working.

Configure What You Care About

Event When to use
VIDEO LOSS If there is any video loss, the recorder will send a Push Status to your smart phone so you can go check the camera status.
HDD FULL When the HDD is about to overwrite, the recorder will send you a Push Status to remind you to back up the recording.
POWER ON If there is reboot or power failure, you will get Push Status once the power is back. 
HDD (CLEAR/NO HDD) When a hard disk drive failure occurs, a Push Status will be sent to alert you so you can go fix it. 
NET LOGIN If someone logs into your recorder remotely, you will receive a Push Status and be aware if that's an authorized login. 
KEY UNLOCK If someone unlocks the recorder locally and tries to change the configuration, you will get a Push Status.
NETWORK When the Internet disconnects, you will get Push Status after it connects to Internet again.
UPS If there is power outage and the UPS starts to supply power to the recorder, it will send Push Status to notify you that the power is lost. 
SYSTEM ABNORMAL Whenever system error occurs, Push Status will update the status to you. 
* To enable Push Status notification, go to Advanced Config > Notify > Push Status.
* To receive Push Status on your smart phone, enable Push Status in the Device Info page of the recorder on the EagleEyes.


Push Video + Push Status Product

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