July 2016 /  Issue 11
New Products / Solutions Released


EZUMâ„¢ Series

  Make your choice smart!
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  • Remote focal length & focus adjustment
  • Excellent night vision performance
  • Flexible solution for camera inventory

      CMS Lite V2.0
      New version launched, smarter and faster
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  • Smart Panel
  • Speed up Operation
  • Access Permission
  • Broadcast



      Region of Interest
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      AVTECH employs ROI technology (Region Of interest) in our products allowing users to allocate target recording area. This technology not only offers more room to record depending on your needs but saves you 30% of original storage space without sacrificing the quality of the video.

      2MP & 3MP
    IP Camera Series
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  • Bandwidth Saving
  • Backlit Situation (DWDR)
  • Brightness Enhancement at Night
  • More Resolution, More Clearness
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      20 years of AVTECH
      Never stop pursuing the best
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      Let's have time travel with the video to see the best of AVTECH in these 20 years, and we'll continue pursuing the best.

      IP Solution
      Standalone IP surveillance total solution
      Ver.6 2016-Q3
  • 1.3MP / 2MP / 2MP DWDR IP camera, 4 ~ 16CH NVR (for Mars solution)
  • 2MP WDR / 3MP IP camera, 4 ~ 64CH NVR (for Apollo solution)
  • Accessories, APP & PC software
  • CMS Trident

  •   HD CCTV Solution
      TVI video total solution
      Ver.5 2016-Q3
  • Quadbrid / tribrid recorder series
  • Premium / standard TVI camera series
  • Special features & accessories


    E-mail: marketing@avtech.com.tw