Advance to HD video recording
with D1 price


From D1 to HD Quality
If we want to record a video as evidence, standard resolution can't fulfill high quality recording. HD recording completely achieves high quality and clear images, making your surveillance environment safer than before.
(Quality Comparison Video )

Saving HDD storage with HD recording

Smart Event Recording optimizes HDD capacity

- Optimize HDD capacity while keeping high-quality evidence
- Manual record at lower resolution/quality/IPS when there is no event   triggered
- Switch to event record at higher resolution/quality/IPS when events   occur

Plug-and-Play, easy to setup
AVTECH makes you experience HD video quality with the least effort to upgrade your analog system to IP-based video surveillance. You just need to connect the network cable to AVH315 and the switch / hub connected to IP cameras. After you power on all devices, all configurations will be done by itself rapidly.

Easy to maintain
AVH315 keeps you updated with your system status via Push Status on iOS or Android.

Push Status will alert you if the NVR gets something wrong.

- Get instant notifications from NVR when your system gets abnormal events,¬†such as video   loss, no HDD, etc
- Able to maintain the surveillance system timely with lowest cost

Safety is everywhere
Remote control makes the system active instead of passive.
You can monitor anywhere and anytime you want.

Remote Access
- Internet Explorer on Windows
- EagleEyes on iOS & Android mobile devices


EagleEyes - Powerful Mobile Software

  Live   Push Status   Time-Line   Backup  
>> AVTECH Peripherals <<
AVX917 HDMI Matrix
- Capable of combining 4 HDMI sources (DVR / NVR) to 1 HDMI / BNC display
- Device local control individually with mouse
- Quad / full / sequence display switch applicable
AVX912R/T EoC (Ethernet over Coaxial) Converter
- Use over long distance (up to 200m for connection)
- No set-up required
- Rich diagnostic LED lights
AVX916R/T HDMI Extender
- Use over long distance (up to 70m for 3G SDI signals)
- Expanded applications
- Rich diagnostic LED lights

>> Key Features <<
The features can resist heavily rain and wind. Installing in a bad weather condition outside is not a problem.

          Solid Light
Solid light can reach longer IR effective distance, extend
the LED lifetime longer , and intelligently determine how much IR light is needed to compensate the current light condition (Advanced Smart Light Control),
Watch demo video on YouTube

>> Full - Range Network NVR <<
16CH Full HD NVR
16CH Full HD NVR
6CH 720P Real-time NVR
with Push Video

HD NVR (Built-in PoN/PoE)
4CH 1.3MP Real-time PoE NVR
with Push Video
4CH 1.3MP Real-time PoN NVR
8CH 720P Real-time PoN NVR

>>Suggested IP cameras<<
  AVM302   AVN815   AVM317   AVM328   AVM357   AVM365  
  AVM571   AVM358   AVN320L   AVM311   AVM332   AVM328B  

If you purchase AVTECH IP cameras, you will have

no more compatibility issue
We offer the whole series of professional NVRs and IP cameras, which provides you a whole IP system without any compatibility issue.

various types of IP cameras
AVTECH IP cameras ranges from indoor to outdoor for you to choose according to your need.

megapixel resolution
High quality and clear images give you safe surveillance environment.