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Can't decide between high quality & scalability of IP products, and easy installation & real-time performance of CCTV products? AVTECH HD CCTV have them both.


Must-Buy Reasons


Easy to recognize who and what is there in every environment

With WDR, the AVTECH HD CCTV solution is especially suitable for overexposure and dark areas to increase image recognizability. It's always easy to tell who and what's there.

Other Brand HD CCTV Solution AVTECH HD CCTV Solution with WDR
Compatible with Traditional Analog Cameras
The AVTECH HD CCTV solution supports both HD TVI-compliant and traditional analog cameras for 1080P, 960H and D1 video recording, providing flexible and trouble-free connection to build the whole system.
EaZyNetworking SmartDvr

Plug & Play
EaZy Networking is developed for AVTECH products (DVR / DVR / IP cameras) to simplify network configurations by following steps below:

  1. Connect RJ45 cable to a router hooking up with Internet
  2. Download the AVTECH mobile app, EagleEyes,and install
  3. Register an account for EagleEyes Cloud Services on EagleEyes
  4. Scan the barcode (on the monitoring display or on the device itself depending on the device you have)

Note: You could manually key in the MAC address of the device in case barcode scan fails.

With the friendly design of EaZy Networking, sharing your monitoring video with your family or friends will be a piece of cake.You can easily share your account and classify your Buddy to many levels to share your authority of accessing the device separately. What's more, you are able to configure the life time of device access for each level to manage data resources.


E1 E2
IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis)SmartDvr

The AVTECH HD CCTV solution supports IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) to set a virtual detection line for people counting, virtual fence, and one-way pass.

It's the advanced usage for motion detection to not only record but also summarize the detection data for further analysis.

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Innovation of 220

Motorized Pansmart
AVT503SA (motorized-pan IR dome camera) supports sequence control, Push Video, and Push Video Lock via the mobile APP of EagleEyes.
Motorized Zoom Lenss
To adjust the focal length and focus easily, AVT553A (IR bullet camera) supports motorized remote lens control via the HD CCTV DVR. Installers could adjust camera focus and focal length remotely from the DVR. or our mobile app, EagleEyes.
HD CCTV Transmission Accessories
The transmission quality between the recorders and cameras is ensured without latency via coaxial cables (3C2V / 300 meters), balun UTP, and fiber (with AVTECH TVI fiber converter). For the transmission distance between 500 to 800 meters, an HD CCTV repeater could be used to extend the distance without losing the lens control feature and video / audio. For the transmission distance over 800 meters, a fiber converter could be used.

220 System Solution
  s Selection Guide
HD CCTV Camera HD CCTV DVR Control Center

AVT583 - Speed Dome Camera
Auto Tracking / Cruise /
Hot Point Control / 20X Zoom

AVT553A - Motorized Vari-focal
IR Camera

f2.8~12mm / Remote DCCs Control /
One Button Auto Focus
AVT503SA - Motorized-pan IR Dome Camera
Sequence / Push Video Lock /
Hot Point Control
AVT204 - 4CH DVR
(2 HDDs support)

AVT208 - 8CH DVR
(3 HDDs support)

AVT248 - 8CH DVR
(6 HDDs support)

AVT216 - 16CH DVR
(3 HDDs support)

AVT236 - 16CH DVR
(6 HDDs support)

HDMI Matrix - Standalone CMS

HDM02 - 64CH HDMI Matrix

---Further CMS Application---
AVX918 36CH Standalone CMS
AVX919 24CH Standalone CMS
TRIDENT 64 ~ 96CH Standalone CMS

Smart Box - Advanced Integration
AVX950 - Smart Box
Integrate with Alarm / Control / Voice /
Access Control / Energy Management

KIT Package


box1 16 add DG102 add DG103 add DG205 add AVT521
4CH DVR   Dome   IR Dome   IR Bullet   IR Dome

EaZy Networking
Push Video
Push Status
Camera Control
  DG102A   DG103A   DG105SE   AVT420A
box2 160 add DG205 add AVT521 add AVT503 add 503s
4CH DVR   IR Bullet   IR Dome   IR Dome   IR Bullet
EaZy Networking
Push Video
Push Status
Camera Control
Motorized Pan
Motorized Zoom Lens