4K/2K Performance

This XVR can be used with 4K2K display to show up to 5MP video images and get vivid details.

Pentabrid XVR

(IP, TVI, CVI, Analog HD and 960H)

The pentabrid XVR accepts IP(Max. 5MP),TVI, CVI, analog HD and 960H video signals for up to 4MP live display and video recording. It breaks the boundaries of different video systems and enhance the fl exibility for system integration.

  Up to 5MP Video Support

This XVR supports up to 4MP (TVI / CVI / AHD / 960H) / 5MP (IP) cameras to get excellent video images.

Spot Monitor

In addition to the main display via the HDMI output, you can also assign a secondary display to show live view, call monitor or event monitor via the VGA or composite output.

  • Live view:Specify how many channels to display.
  • Call monitor:Set the sequence time and display each channel one by one.
  • Event monitor:Display only when an event occurs. You can configure how many more seconds you'd like to see before and after the event, helping you to see how the whole event starts and ends.

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New Playback UI Design

This DVR series is all capable of full-channel real-time recording to capture fluent images, and it's getting even easier to
search those videos with the new playback panel. All filter options are laid in one interface for you to quickly select and find
the time segment with recordings.

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Intuitive Ezum Icon Control

A series of function icons are especially designed for EZUM camera series. They're located right on each channel for quick access and configuration, such as adjusting AGC, white balance or IR LED brightness.

 ezum icon 

Easy Remote Surveillance

EaZy Networking is supported to quickly connect this DVR to the internet (P2P), and you're able to see live view from Internet Explorer, PC CMS software and the mobile app EagleEyes.

You can also share the access right of this DVR to your friends or colleagues and configure different access level for each of them.

 EaZy Networking
 Buddy Sharing

Push Video

Push Video is supported to send an event notifcation to your mobile device within five seconds everytime when an alarm event occurs, and meanwhile, EagleEyes, our mobile surveillance app will be activated automatically for remote video playback.

 Application - Intrusion Alert,  Application - Sweet Home

CMS - Lite / Plus / Professional
CMS-Lite (24CH free software), CMS-Plus (64CH paid software)  and CMS-Professional (96CH paid software), are exclusively designed for monitoring multiple spots remotely. Common applications are for chain stores and branch offices. Users can easily use functions such as live view, playback and backup with this software installed on a laptop / PC. For advanced central control application, AVTECH provides you with 96CH CMS Pro. What’s more, there are 16CH EagleEyesHD and 4CH EagleEyes for remote surveillance through tablets and mobile phones.

5MP IP Camera Series
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