Push Video - EagleEyes

Get notified and take actions

When Push Video is enabled on EagleEyes, you don't need to worry about missing any important moment. Just a slide when you get notified, and you'll be able to take control of everything.

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Push Video - CMS

Event management & backup

You can check every event log in CMS, and get to know where it took place on e-Map. You can also know the current status of each monitored device and take actions immediately when any abnormal event occurs.

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Push Video - Recorder

Efficient management of petrol personnel

There's an event list on the right pane of the live display to show all the event logs and their corresponding icons for you to recognize the time and event type quickly. The most recent event log will be flashing to catch your attention. Click the log and you can see the event preview. You can also configure a secondary monitor to show event videos only when an event occurs.

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